Swimwear has consistently undergone much consideration and fashion add-ons. The result is a whole array of the most gorgeous types of beach wear and some of them are not only sophisticated and very flattering to the curvaceous bodies, but also cute and with a lot of privacy. One such designer swim wear apparel is the skirtini. The beach wear is designed in a way that the lower segment resembles a short skirt. The variations are in print, pattern and style.

Flaunting the ‘skirt’ look on the beach:

You could opt for the skirtini that has the princess skirt cut that goes high on the outer sides o the hips or the plain ones that slow along the thighs evenly. You could also consider the type that comes with stitched leggings if you don’t feel too comfortable flaunting your legs. Nevertheless, the skirtini scores over many other types of beach wear in the fact that it provides you with a sleek look and does a good job of hiding the flab around the stomach or thighs that you are either ways working out.

The design is not new in the international market, but has definitely gone through a revision with a sense of fashion trends worldwide kept in mind. There are a number of designers who are now making the skirtini accessible online too. This means that you can shop for it in your own time and negotiate prices too.

A number of retailers and online vendors also help you to bag discounts and free shipping offers with bulk purchases during the festive season. The skirtini is definitely here to stay for a long time and the designs are only getting more flamboyant and bolder by the day. There are patterns that also resemble the hot-shots of the 60s and the flared buckram versions of the 50s!

This type of swim or beach-wear makes heads turn and pulses soar as you walk past. The apparel is created with functionality and style in mind. You can now also have it flaunt a personal message, graffiti, hand painting art, gems and stones and even tassel work. There are artists who take the design a step further allowing you to first pick one that you fancy from the ready made line up and then personalize it according to your taste and preference. This gives you a chance to say a million words about your persona even as you simply walk by the pool side or on the beach.